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Oushe Showcases Innovative Flooring and Wall Panel Series at Ongoing Vietbuild Exhibition

by Oushe Flooring and Wall PanelOushe Flooring and Wall Panel 20 Mar 2024

We proudly announce that our company is currently participating in the ongoing Vietbuild Exhibition, showcasing our latest innovative flooring and wall panel series. This exhibition marks a significant step for our company towards the international stage, providing an excellent opportunity to engage and learn from industry professionals worldwide.

Vietbuild Exhibition is one of the largest in Asia for the building, construction materials, real estate, and home decor industries, attracting exhibitors and professionals from around the globe each year. As part of this exhibition, our company is presenting our newest flooring and wall panel series, featuring advanced materials and craftsmanship, delivering outstanding durability and decorative effects suitable for various interior design styles.

In addition to our flooring and wall panel series, we are actively engaging with professionals and industry peers from around the world, eager to discuss industry trends, share experiences, and collaborate for the advancement of the industry.

We cordially invite you to visit our booth and explore our flooring and wall panel series.
Venue Address: Hanoi International Exhibition Center
Booth Number: A1 NO.30

We look forward to meeting you at the Vietbuild Exhibition!
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