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How To Pick The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring?

by Oushe Flooring and Wall PanelOushe Flooring and Wall Panel 16 Oct 2023

Today vinyl plank flooring is becoming more and more recognized and accepted by everyone. In life, vinyl plank flooring is also used in more and more places, such as nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. So when you buy vinyl plank flooring, how can you pick a satisfactory product? Next, we will introduce a few tips that you can use to select the best vinyl plank flooring.


Here is the content list:

  • Clarify the needs

  • Check the green standard

  • Observe the patterns

  • Test the feel

  • Check the test report

  • Do more comparisons

  • Choose a brand


Clarify the needs


There are many categories of vinyl plank flooring, various styles, and colors. So when picking vinyl plank flooring, we need to be clear about where we want to use it and pick the type of vinyl plank flooring we want, the color pattern, etc. and check the specifications based on seeing exactly what we need.


Check the green standard


Check whether the vinyl plank flooring meets the green standard and whether the formaldehyde emission reaches the specified value. If it reaches, it belongs to the green floor.


Observe the patterns


Observe whether the appearance of vinyl plank flooring is delicate, whether the color is saturated, whether the pattern is fresh and vivid, whether the surface is shiny, and especially whether the cross section is delicate and solid. If the texture is blurred, the color is not correct, unnatural, and easily faded, it is not the best vinyl plank flooring and we cannot buy it.




Test the feel


Feel the feel of the floor as well as its flexibility and elasticity. If the vinyl plank flooring is difficult to bounce back, or too hard to pinch, it is also not the best vinyl plank flooring. Good quality, good elasticity of vinyl plank flooring, only with a more comfortable feel and good sound absorption effect.


Check the test report


We can check the certificate or test report of vinyl plank flooring. If it is regular, good-quality vinyl plank flooring, it will have a test report when it leaves the factory.


Do more comparisons


Select two or more vinyl plank flooring and compare the color difference or thickness, etc. The contrast between good quality and poor quality vinyl plank flooring will be obvious when put together.


Choose a brand


When choosing vinyl plank flooring, we should also choose a brand with guaranteed quality to buy. Take Oushe for example, its design and manufacture of vinyl plank flooring take into account the multiple advantages of safety, green, environmental protection, beauty, fashion, and practicality, bringing high-quality ideal home environment for many families. Over the years, Oushe has been adhering to the road of high quality and has won high recognition from the industry. It has occupied an important position in the global vinyl plank flooring brands.


If you want to know more information about the vinyl plank flooring from Oushe, please consult us. Our website is

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