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Why Is Flooring From Some SPC Flooring Manufacturers So Popular?

by Oushe Flooring and Wall PanelOushe Flooring and Wall Panel 14 Oct 2023

What is SPC flooring? SPC flooring refers to the substrate being SPC material, and in the floor laying process, can be completely nail-free, glue-free, keel-free, and directly laid on the floor of the floor. Let's get to know SPC flooring next and see why flooring from some SPC flooring manufacturers is so popular.


Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of SPC flooring

  • Benefits of flooring from the SPC flooring manufacturer Oushe


Advantages of SPC flooring


1、First, reusable. SPC flooring is easy to dismantle and reusable, especially when you need to move. SPC flooring can also be used for a second time, especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions or shopping malls.


2、Secondly, no adhesive is needed in the production process.SPC flooring adopts high-temperature and high-pressure heat posting technology in the production process. The whole process does not need to use any adhesive, more safe and healthy. Especially for families with babies, it is more important to avoid the safety hazards caused by the use of adhesives in the production process of laminate flooring.


3、Third, the requirements of the substrate are more stringent. the locking force of SPC flooring mainly depends on the connection between the male groove and the female groove. Due to the role of the male and female grooves, in general, SPC flooring can withstand a pull force of 450 kg to 1 ton, so its physical properties such as substrate density, expansion, and relative humidity are quite stable.


4、Fourth, the overall paving effect is good. SPC flooring is easy and efficient to install. The floor and flooring can be slotted in by gently knocking when laying. Due to the locking force, SPC flooring extends in all directions as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local bulge and solving the inherent deformation problem. It is especially suitable for owners who like the texture of wood flooring, but are worried about the wood flooring being easy to arch, moisture, and mold. SPC flooring is waterproof and moisture-proof, and the material is stable.


5、Fifth, suitable for public places and stadium paving.SPC flooring is wear-resistant and durable, suitable for public places and stadiums' ground paving. In some kindergartens, shopping malls, hotels, catering industry paving locking flooring effect is very good.


6、Sixth, economic and practical. SPC flooring price and the floor on the market are about the same. But because the process is different, SPC flooring paving cost will also be cheaper, paving is also more simple. Its installation cost is the same as laminate flooring, and the general flooring master will install it without technical guidance. In addition, it does not require high-ground leveling, ordinary leveling can be. Compared with solid wood flooring need to play keel paving, SPC flooring both saves time and money.


SPC Rigid Plank Floor


Benefits of flooring from the SPC flooring manufacturer Oushe


1、Environmental protection. The flooring from SPC flooring manufacturer Oushe is formed by high-temperature and high-pressure hot-posting technology extrusion technology, and the environmental protection grade reaches the E0 level, which is truly healthy and environmental protection.


2、Easy to install. SPC flooring from Oushe has a locking design, directly stuck together paving, no glue, fast installation, and a short construction period.


3、Better waterproof. The SPC flooring from Oushe is made of special material, with calcium powder as the main raw material. Its material characteristics are stable, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof put insects.


4、More anti-slip. The SPC flooring from Oushe has a clear texture on the surface, and it is better anti-slip when it meets water.


5、More wear-resistant. The surface of SPC flooring from Oushe has a super wear-resistant layer. The wear-resistant speed is more than 3000 rpm. It is a sanding machine that can not wear bad floors.


6、Resilient. SPC flooring from Oushe is light and flexible, with room for rebound and a more comfortable footing.


If you want to know more information about SPC flooring from Oushe, please consult us. Our website is

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